Advice for new appointees

Published: May 16, 2019

ASMS offers free advice to senior medical and dental practitioners who are offered employment in New Zealand. We do this on the basis that if you accept the offer and subsequently take up the appointment, you will join ASMS.

Before contacting us for advice about employment in New Zealand, we recommend that you:

  1. Visit the NZ Medical Council’s website to see whether your qualifications and experience are likely to lead to employment in NZ

  2. Download the ASMS advice or overseas trained doctors (international medical graduates) looking for employment in New Zealand

  3. Investigate New Zealand’s immigration rules relating to living and working in New Zealand

  4. Look at the National Employment Agreement (contract) that ASMS has negotiated with all of New Zealand’s District Health Boards

  5. Investigate the availability and cost of health care and education for “non-New Zealand residents”. Both are likely to be expensive and you may need to take out comprehensive health insurance for you and your family while you are visiting and working in New Zealand