Car Parking

Published: May 7, 2020

Know your new MECA

It’s important that you are safe coming to and from work.

Many DHBs no longer provide car parking close to the hospital or other places of work and getting to and from your car when it is dark might be dangerous

The new MECA introduces additional wording in Clause 21.6, around car parking at night:

“Where an employee is required to work or is called in to the service during the hours of darkness suitable safe vehicle parking will be arranged and/or arrangements will be in place to ensure that employees are not put at risk leaving or returning to their cars.”

The new wording makes it clear that safe parking or suitable arrangements to ensure safe access to and from your vehicle will be arranged. It covers SMOs who have been called in, have to work late, or are finishing an evening or night shift.

If you work in a service that requires you to be on-site (for on-call or for a shift) you or your SMO team are encouraged to contact the DHB immediately if current parking arrangements are not believed to be safe. If you need assistance or support around this issue, please contact your ASMS industrial officer.