Beating health care shortages requires fair pay for clinical educators

Published: October 6, 2022

Fair pay for tertiary education providers is vital in ensuring New Zealand’s future medical workforce receives proper training, Association of Salaried Medical Specialists Sarah Dalton says.

Her words come on the day of historic strike action by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Union which sees 7000 staff at eight universities walk off the job.

TEU is negotiating for pay rates to be adjusted in line with inflation and increased costs of living through an eight per cent pay increase.

“Clinical academics train the doctors of tomorrow and are an essential part of our healthcare system, particularly as we address long-term staffing shortages,” Dalton says.

“We need these staff to be well supported by their employers to stay in these important positions and increasing wages in line with inflation will speak volumes.”

“Investing in healthcare means investing in people first. Public servants have borne the brunt of the government’s public sector pay restraint, and this has to stop.

“Increasing pay rates for inflation and cost of living increases should be the bottom line for reinvestment in the people that support our health care system. Making them feel valued and supported will help ensure they remain in these important positions.

“We support the efforts of the TEU during this strike to negotiate fairer working conditions for our educators.”

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