Beyond the Mask

Published: November 26, 2021

The artistic talents of our doctors and dentists are on display at the Beyond the Mask exhibition organised by ASMS and the Academy of Fine Art in Wellington. ASMS members took away the big awards on opening night.

The exhibition was planned around our Annual Conference, but even though Covid forced the conference online, the exhibition went ahead with opening night on November 24.

There are about 50 paintings, drawings, photos, and sculptures on display by doctors and dentists who take time away from their busy day jobs, to channel their creative sides.

The exhibition is on at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and runs until 5 December. Many of the pieces have been sold but you can see all the artworks on display and still for sale on the gallery’s website

  • Best Overall Artwork – Ashvini Kahawatta (anaesthetist, Wellington) – “It Looks Clean Enough”
  • Best Artwork by First Time Exhibitor – Jon Mathy (plastics specialist, Auckland) – “Not a Clockwork Orange”
  • Merit Award for First Time Exhibitor – Erin Doherty (medical specialist, Northland) – “Red Rock Bay”
  • MAS and MPS Sponsors Choice Award – “Alec MacDonald (retired psychiatrist, Wellington) – The Circumnavigators”
  • People’s Choice Award – Annie Judkins  (GP, Porirua) – “I Would Have to Grow Roses Out of My Nose to Drink Dandelion Coffee”
"It Looks Clean Enough" by Ashvini Kahawatta