The objectives of the Association are:

4.1 To protect and promote the interests of members in all aspects of their employment;

4.2 To advise, assist or represent members to negotiate agreements relating to their terms and conditions of employment;

4.3 To actively promote and wherever practicable, negotiate comprehensive and fair collective employment agreements between members and their employers;

4.4 To monitor observance of the provisions of collective employment agreements negotiated by the Association on behalf of its members;

4.5 To advise and represent members in other matters related to their employment, in particular in matters relating to the interpretation and application of the terms and conditions of their employment;

4.6 To encourage and where appropriate offer training and support for members who wish to play a more active role in Association affairs;

4.7 To monitor and take appropriate steps to improve the working environment and general working conditions of members of the Association;

4.8 To promote professional and co-operative workplace practices of the highest standards, with particular emphasis on the collective and collegial identification and resolution of workplace problems and challenges;

4.9 To promote close, professional and constructive working relationships with the employers of members of the Association;

4.10 To promote high standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour in the management and delivery of public healthcare services;

4.11 To promote close, professional and constructive working relationships with relevant clinical or professional organisations, government departments and politicians and statutory bodies and other agencies, in support of members’ interests and the objectives of the Association;

4.12 To support the right of all New Zealanders to equal access to comprehensive quality public healthcare services;

4.13 To promote policies and engage in public debate on issues relating to the availability and delivery of the highest possible standards of publicly funded healthcare services for all New Zealanders;

4.14 To demonstrate a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Mātauranga Māori;

4.15 To advance and affirm a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its principles, and the values and practices of Mātauranga Māori through the Association’s activities.

4.16 In pursuing these objects, the Association may support, co-operate with or affiliate to any other organisation, whether of an industrial, professional or other kind that the National Executive or national conference may decide.

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