5.1 Eligibility

(a) Any registered medical or dental practitioner employed in New Zealand and whose employment is conditional on their holding a current practising certificate is eligible to join the Association, subject to the exclusions in sub-clauses (b) & (c) below.

(b) Medical and dental practitioners who are employed as Resident Medical or Dental Officers such as trainee interns, house surgeons, house physicians or registrars engaged in vocational training programmes are not eligible to join the Association.

(c) If a dispute arises between the Association and another union over membership coverage, the Association shall endeavour to resolve that dispute in accordance with relevant protocols or policies of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

5.2 Admission to Membership

(a) Applications for membership shall be sent to the national office in the prescribed form, accompanied by the prescribed annual subscription or signed authority for the subscription to be paid by regular salary deductions.

(b) Membership of the Association shall begin on the date when the completed application form and appropriate payment or payment authority is received and accepted by the national office.

(c) A person who has previously been suspended or expelled from the Association shall not be re-admitted to membership without the prior approval of the National Executive.

5.3 Register of Members

(a) The Association shall maintain a register of members’ names and addresses, including a record of their subscription payments and brief relevant details relating to their employment and places of work.

(b) On request, members shall be given a copy of the personal information held on the membership register relating to them.

(c) The Association shall not sell or otherwise release a copy of its register or membership details to any third person or organisation without the prior approval of the National Executive.

(d) The register of members will also record whether the member is Māori as recorded in the member’s membership application or otherwise communicated by theh member to the Association.

5.4 Lapse of Membership

Membership of the Association shall cease when a member dies, resigns from the Association, ceases to meet the Association’s eligibility requirements, is expelled or fails to pay their annual subscription for three months or more following a reminder to do so.