7.1 Any person (other than a former member who has been expelled from the Association) who is otherwise ineligible to be a member may apply to the National Executive to become an associate member of the Association.

7.2 No person has the right to become an associate member and the National Executive may in its absolute discretion accept or reject any application for associate membership. Associate members shall pay a reduced annual subscription at the rate determined from time to time by the Association.

7.3 Associate members may not hold elected office or positions in the Association nor will they be entitled to professional representation or advice from the Association. However they will be entitled to receive the Association’s newsletter and other publications and may attend branch or other meetings of the Association where they will have speaking but no voting rights.

7.4 Associate membership shall cease when the associate member dies, resigns, is expelled or fails to pay their annual subscription for three months or more following a reminder to do so.