13.1 National President

(a) The National President is the head of the Association;

(b) The National President is responsible for overseeing the business of the Association and shall attend and preside over all meetings of the Association and the National Executive, where he or she shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.

(c) The National President shall have such other duties and powers as may be reasonably required to enable him or her to properly oversee the business of the Association.

13.2 Vice President

(a) The Vice President shall assist the National President carry out his or her duties.

(b) In the absence of the National President, the Vice President shall have and may exercise all of the duties and powers of the National President.

13.3 National Secretary

(a) The National Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Association and the National Executive and ensure that accurate records of the decisions of those meetings are kept;

(b) The National Secretary shall present the Association’s annual report and audited financial statements for the previous financial year to each annual conference.