17.1 In managing the business of the branch, Branch Officers may work closely with any local senior medical and dental staff group that exists and, whenever it is appropriate to do so, to refer Association or branch business to meetings of the senior medical and dental staff group to encourage wider discussion and participation in branch decisions.

17.2 If it is practical to do so, branches shall hold at least one formal meeting a year for the purposes of facilitating formal discussion within the branch and consideration of remits for the Annual Conference. Otherwise, branch meetings shall be held as frequently as the Branch Officers or local membership interest may require and at such other times as the National Executive may request.

17.3 The Branch Officers shall convene a branch meeting if four members or 10% of the branch membership (whichever is the higher number of members) requests it.

17.4 If five or more members of a branch are dissatisfied with any decision of their Branch Officers or of a branch meeting they may send a formal written statement of their concerns to the Association’s Executive Director. The Executive Director shall promptly refer the matter to the National Executive for its consideration and a decision as to how the matter should be resolved.

17.5 Decisions at branch level will normally be made by a majority of branch members present and voting at a branch meeting. However, if 20% of the branch members attending the meeting request a secret ballot a secret ballot shall be conducted of all branch members.