18.1 The Association reserves the right to refuse to advise, represent or otherwise assist a member:

(a) Who joins the Association after the particular matter on which they have sought advice or assistance arose;

(b) Who has seriously compromised their position or aggravated the problem by failing to promptly seek the Association’s advice;

(c) Who disregards or otherwise undermines the Association’s advice in relation to the matters on which they have sought assistance;

(d) Where their concern is trivial, vexatious or incapable of realistic or reasonable resolution.

18.2 In all cases where the Association declines to assist or represent a member, the member shall be advised of their right to have that decision reviewed promptly by the National Executive.

18.3 The Association will not represent a member in respect of professional medico-legal matters based on patient complaints, concerns about their clinical practice or competence, reviews of their clinical practice, registration or similar matters that have or may come within the jurisdiction of any statutory professional registration or disciplinary body.