23.1 Members of the National Executive shall be elected for a three-year term, beginning on 1 April in each election year.

23.2 Any member of the Association may be nominated and vote for the positions of National President or Vice President but only those members who are employed in a particular region may be nominated or vote for the regional representatives from that region. Only those members who are recorded as Māori members in the register of members may be nominated or vote for the Māori representatives.

23.3 The Returning Officer shall call for nominations from eligible members for each of the positions on the National Executive at least 28 days before nominations close. The notice calling for nominations shall be sent to all members of the Association. The notice may be sent to members by post or by electronic means.

23.4 Nominations for each position must be in writing and contain in a legible form the names of the nominee and at least two other members as nominators. The nomination must also be signed by the nominee and all nominators.

23.5 If more nominations are received than there are positions to be filled, the Returning Officer shall promptly conduct an election by secret ballot of all members eligible to vote. The ballot may be conducted by post or by secure electronic means. Only persons who are members of the Association on the day nominations close are entitled to vote in such an election.

23.6 The Returning Officer shall declare the result of the election not later than seven days after the date on which all votes must be returned.

23.7 If insufficient nominations are received to fill all positions on the National Executive, the Returning Officer shall proceed to conduct a ballot or ballots for those positions where that may be required. Following the declaration of results, the remaining unfilled positions shall become casual vacancies and filled in accordance with this constitution.

23.8 A member can only accept election to one National Executive member-elected position. In the event of being successful in more than one such ballot, a member shall choose which position to accept, and the highest polling unsuccessful candidate in the other ballots shall be deemed successful.