26.1 Casual vacancies in any of the National Executive positions shall be filled by a national, regional, or Māori representative election, as determined by the nature of the position that has become vacant. Pending the results of that election, the National Executive may appoint another member, qualified to stand in that election, to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis, provided that there may not be more than one appointed member on the National Executive at any one time.

26.2 An election to fill the vacancy shall be held as soon as reasonably practicable after the vacancy occurs but nominations must be sought within three months. If an election is subsequently required, it shall be conducted by the Returning Officer and the successful candidate shall hold office for the remainder of the three-year term.

26.3 It shall not be necessary to fill any casual vacancy if the vacancy arises within nine months of the end of the National Executive’s three-year term.

26.4 Casual vacancies in a branch position may be filled by any fair and reasonable process that responsible branch officers and the Executive Director may consider appropriate.