Do you know about time in lieu over public holidays?

Published: December 6, 2021

Time in lieu for working a public holiday can only be claimed once. That means, where a public holiday is Monday-ised, if you work both the actual day and the Monday, you can only claim one alternative (or lieu) day. You will be paid at the appropriate rate for all days you work, but one public holiday only generates ONE alternate day of leave.

This holiday season Christmas, Boxing, New Year’s Day and 2 January all fall on a weekend, so all generate alternative holidays: Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 December; Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th January.

This means if you work on both of 25th and 27th December, only one counts as the public holiday. You are entitled to normal public holiday rates, plus one lieu day. If you work neither day, you are still entitled to the paid public holiday.

There are a few exceptions to this advice. If you seldom work on a Monday, for example, you are probably not entitled to be paid for a public holiday that falls on a Monday.

This is all laid out in Clause 24 of the DHB MECA but if you have any queries or concerns about public holiday arrangements, pay, or lieu days, please get in touch with your industrial officer.