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Published: September 10, 2023

Lets Celebrate Together!

Ko te reo te tatau o te ao Māori
The Māori language is the doorway to the Māori world, and its open to everyone

Hēmi Kelly (Māori language champion)

This week celebrates Māori language and Toi Mata Hauora (ASMS) wants to celebrate too. Toi Mata Hauora (ASMS) will commit to a phrase a day to celebrate this important week.

For those members who want more, please click on these links to access free online Māori language resources:

Nō reira, karawhuia atu! Therefore, give it heaps!

Toi Mata Hauora phrase of the day

Rāhina | Monday

Kaua e whakamā me ngā hiahia | Don’t be embarrassed by the things you desire/want

When learning something new, this is a great phrase to express – Karawhuia! Give it heaps

Rātū | Tuesday

Koia kei a koe! | You’re awesome!

Phrase to say when you complement someone.

Rāapa | Wednesday

Ki te kotahi te kākaho, ka whati; ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati | When we stand alone we are vulnerable, but together we are unbreakable

Some great advice for the second day of industrial action by senior doctors and dentists at Te Whatu Ora

Rāpere | Thursday

Kia kaha e hoa mā! | Lets do this team!

Encouraging your team.

Rāmere | Friday

Ko koe te rangatira o tō waka! | You are the leader of your waka (canoe – journey)!

Helping someone lead your own journey if they lack confidence.

Rāhoroi | Saturday

Awhitia te āmaimai! | Embrace the uncomfortable!

When you are facing a challenging situation, use this phrase.

Rātapu | Sunday

Te ātaahua koki! | How beautiful!

He ātaahua hoki! | That’s beautiful!

Tō ātaahua hoki! | You’re beautiful!

When you see something beautiful: Using the word ātaahua = beautiful.

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