Workforce: The make or break of the health reform

Published: November 23, 2022

On the one hand our public hospital workforce is chronically under-staffed and exhausted. On the other hand, the health needs of our communities are growing faster than hospital and health services can keep up. In between is a growing gap of unmet health need which increases the risk of adverse outcomes, entrenches inequities, and limits quality of life.

The health system must close the gap between health needs of our whānau and health workforce capacity.
This report recommends ways to do that by focusing on actions that simultaneously (a) reduce health needs and (b) increase the health workforce capacity. This report:

  • Outlines ways to reduce the need for hospital care and emphasise equitable health outcomes
  • Traces the origins of key medical workforce issues
  • Offers solutions based around the development of a sustainable medical workforce

View a copy of the full paper here.

View an executive summary here

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