A1. ASMS-DHBs National Joint Consultation Committee

The Association and each employer party will maintain a national joint consultation committee (NJCC). The NJCC operates within a broad context of constructive engagement and decision-making. Each Te Whatu Ora district has a joint consultation committee (JCC) with the Association. The Association and the employer are party to He Ara Tapatahi and Kāhui Kōkiri engagement processes.

The focus of the NJCC will be on strategic and emergent issues of interest to the parties, including those arising from these national strategies and work programmes.

The goals of the NJCC, within the context of maintaining and enhancing both quality of services for patients and cost effectiveness, are to:

(a) Provide a venue for regular and transparent sharing of information between the two parties.

(b) Act as a ‘clearing house’, targeted at removing or reducing duplication and promoting shared understanding across the employer’s workplaces in matters of interest to all parties.

(c) Consider matters of a potential national interest being discussed by or referred from Joint Consultation Committees.

(d) To discuss and advise on workforce, employment relations, and human resource issues impacting on the senior medical workforce.