01. Underlying Principles

1.1 The parties acknowledge the fundamental importance of the need to promote and establish distributive clinical leadership within the workplace consistent with the principles of engagement in the Time for Quality agreement between the Association and all District Health Boards (refer Clause 2) and the associated need to establish effective employer-employee partnerships, based on good faith, mutual respect and constructive engagement.

1.2 Accordingly the parties will actively promote and encourage open discussion and collegial and collective responses to workplace challenges and issues.

1.3 Employee participation in the employer’s annual and strategic planning is essential for achieving patient centred care. Employee engagement, in conjunction with other appropriate employees not covered by this agreement in strategic and service planning is necessary including about:

  • Patient and whanau centred care
  • Effective utilisation of resources including team work
  • Complexities of the planning process

1.4 The parties recognise that employees are constrained by their ethical and professional obligations and public expectations not to refuse treatment to patients in need of their professional skills.

1.5 The parties acknowledge the increasingly demanding environment in which employees are required to practise. Accordingly the parties undertake to do what they reasonably can to ensure the workplace is well resourced, professionally supportive and conducive to a very high standard of clinical practice.