03. Nature of Agreement

3.1  This is a collective agreement, inclusive of the attached Appendices and Schedules, negotiated under the provisions of the Employment Relations Act 2000.

3.2  It sets out the core terms and conditions of employment for all senior medical and dental officers who fall within its coverage clause.

3.3  It provides the minimum terms and conditions of employment that underpin each employee’s job description and any additional terms and conditions of employment that may be or have been negotiated and agreed between an employer and employees on an individual or group basis.

3.4  The terms and conditions of this collective agreement replace all terms and conditions of previous collective agreements except those specifically stated in this document (eg, long service leave, retiring gratuities).

3.5  Any other agreement between an employer and one or more employee(s) that provides for terms and conditions of employment that are as favourable or more favourable in respect of that employee or those employees is hereby deemed to be not inconsistent with this Agreement.