46. Rights of Private Practice and Conflict of Interest

46.1  The employer recognises the right of employees to engage in private practice but not in such a way that would give rise to a conflict of interest.

46.2  Employees exercising this right shall not knowingly allow it to affect adversely the performance of their contractual obligations with the employer. On request the employee shall advise the employer of either their intention to commence private practice or that they are undertaking private practice work.

46.3  Before the employee does anything that might compete against the material interests of the employer, e.g. compete against the employer for contestable funding, the employee shall consult with the employer in an effort to avoid a conflict and reach agreement on the matter.

46.4  The parties accept that in the absence of their reaching an agreement in respect of any possible conflict of interest, legal remedies are available to them, including the option of termination of employment.