47. Vacancies and Locums

47.1  The employer undertakes to take reasonable and timely steps to fill actual vacancies for senior dental and medical officers and resident medical officers within a service, including vacancies or gaps on after-hours call rosters, as soon as they occur or are reasonably foreseen, except where the employer and affected employees reach agreement over satisfactory alternative arrangements.

47.2  When, after considering the advice of the relevant clinical director and affected employees, giving due regard to workload pressures, the employer requires a locum then the employer shall be responsible for the provision of a locum. Should employment of a locum not be feasible then alternative arrangements for service delivery shall be made and/or appropriate compensation for increased workload or work pressure shall be negotiated with the employee(s) affected.

These alternative arrangements and/or compensation shall be either in accordance with the provisions of the previous applicable single employer collective agreement or based on another agreed outcome.

47.3  Notwithstanding any of the above, an employee shall not be required to undertake additional duties and responsibilities caused by an absence of an employee(s) on their on-call roster beyond a reasonable period of time.