53. Facilities and Equipment

53.1  Workplace Conditions, Resources and Accommodation

The employer recognises the importance of providing good quality, suitable and safe workplace conditions, resources, technology and accommodation.

The employer will ensure that employees have the opportunity to be actively involved in the design, implementation and performance review of the above.

Each employer and the Association will work together through an agreed process in evaluating the extent to which these workplace conditions, resources, technology and accommodation are provided and to develop an agreed plan for remedying any deficiencies.

53.2  An employer should provide sufficient good quality overnight accommodation for each employee who, as a result of the nature of their duties, requires accommodation in the hospital overnight.

53.3  This accommodation should be secure, private, quiet and self-contained. It should be within reasonable walking distance of the workplace, having regard to any emergency and other duties the employee may be required to attend to overnight.  The accommodation should include at least: a bedroom or bed-sitting room; private bathroom with toilet and shower facilities; access to basic kitchen facilities for cooking or heating food; a television set, a comfortable lounge chair and a work-station or desk with telephone, computer terminal and internet access.

53.4  Where this accommodation is not presently or sufficiently provided the employer and the Association shall work together through the Joint Consultation Committee (Clause 55) to develop an agreed solution.

53.5  Provisions of Libraries and Internet Access

The employer will ensure that employees have reasonable access to relevant journals, publications, other literature, and email and Internet facilities in order that they are able to fulfil the requirements of their job descriptions.

53.6  Breast Feeding Facilities

The Employer must ensure that:

(a)   Appropriate facilities are provided in the workplace for an employee who is breastfeeding and who wishes to breastfeed in the workplace, and

(b)   Appropriate breaks are provided to an employee who is breastfeeding and wishes to breastfeed during a work period without loss of pay, in addition to any normal rest break, and

(c)   Breastfeeding facilities are reasonably accessible from employees’ usual work locations.